Monday, October 27, 2008

Organization Development Domain

This video-clip describes the OD interventions deployed by innovation Systems Consulting for client organizations.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Communication skills

As my experience as a trainer has increased,i have realized that every competence is a cosmos in itself.
Whatever seems to be mundane,as we dig deeper into it,it reveals dimensions heretofore unexplored.
The same is true of communicaion skills.On the face of it,it seems to be a rather mundane subject.However,the more mundane the subject greater is the opportunity to innovate.

As soon as we expand the scope of communication skills beyond the communication process,the complexity increases manifold.Examining all the interactions that we do in a day ,classifying them and then enhancing them is a rather Herulean task.However,it does reveal new communication dimensions.
The new dimensions of communication are:
  • Relationships oriented communication.
  • Performance communication.
  • Organizational communication.
These dimensions have tranformed communication skills from a rather mundane area of instruction to a critical competency which has a direct bearing on professional and personal effectiveness.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strategic HR

Strategic HR is a phenomenal innovation in the field of Human Resources.This competency has changed the impact dimensions of a HR professional.
In most organizations operational HR is practiced.This does not have any visible impact on the competitive advantage of the firm.
However,Strategic HR is focussed on enhancing the competitive advantage of the firm through its human resources.This is the biggest leap taken by the HR profession in the last 2 decades.This may transform the HR department into the most important department in an organization.