Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rhetoric for Leadership effectiveness

Positive rhetoric has not been recognized as a key competecy of leadership effectiveness.
Without rhetoric the competency map of leadership effectiveness remains incomplete and the capability of the leader to create a vision and energize a large group towards its attainment remains elusive.
Organizational leaders need to enahance this competency in order to acquire charisma in the organization.
This competency needs to be cosciously nurtured and developed.Since leadership has been recognized as a critical ingredient in the success of an organization,an organizational invesment in the process of developing his competency would yield visible benefits.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learning underlying competency

In the process of preparing for a worksop on Competency mapping,i came across the types of learning that underlie a competency.

It was interesting to note that there are 3 types of learning that underlie the formation of a competency:
1.Conceptual learning.

2.Behavioral learning.

3.Affective learning.

Out of these,Affective learning triggers a new thought process regarding the competency building process.Affectve learning refers tothe emotions of the learner regarding the learning object.The applications of this learning are multi-fold.The instruction design for training programs must also include elements(cases,stories)that create the requisite emotions among the learners regarding the learning object.
Affective learning remains an unexplored and unutilized aspect in the process of competency development.When we analyze personnel who are experts in the process of execution of vital competencies,it becomes obvious that affective learning is an integal part of their competency development and execution.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cutting edge innovation

I recently facilitated a workshop on Innovation and creativity for the top Management of a leading telecom solutions provider.

As a part of the workshop we generated potent innovation ideas in key growth areas for the organization.The participants were unsually sharp.The kind of potent innovation ideas generated is going to put the corporate landscape on fire esp. in the telecom space.

The frequency of innovation is expected to go up multi-fold in the coming couple of years.WIMAX is going to be a hot bed of innovation.The redesigning of our entire living and working space is on the anvil.

A lot of people with secure businesses and titles are going to feel quite insecure in the near future.