Saturday, December 30, 2006

Development of Managerial Competencies

The no. of competencies competing to be in the framework of managerial effectiveness are so many that it becomes difficult to choose as t which competencies should be the focus of development.
I recently conducted a workshop on,"Managerial Effectiveness" for a client of mine.The process of interacting with professionals with considerable experience is very rewarding in the sense that new insights keep on hitting you.
One of my takeaways as a trainer was that the key managerial competencies that impact managerial effectiveness are motivation,organizing,self-analysis and performance management.
These competency clusters have a stamp of validity because they passed the acid judgemental test of experienced professional managers and technologists.
Motivation has become a cliched term.Hence,it is interpreted in so many different ways and may result in yawns.However,as soon as we integrate the emotional competence with it,it develops new potential.
Organizing is a barely understood competency,though without managerial effectiveness is impossible.The two competencies tha i found mot potent in this competency cluster are activity-responsibility-time maps and 5S.
Under self-analysis the potent sub-competencies are that of appreciative inquiry,self-healing and managing insecurity.When professional do not get the promotion that they so badly wanted emotional scars come into existence.If the professional does not heal these emotional scars,impact on performance is bound to happen.
Performance as a competency cluster consists of the competencies of,"Tapping Talent" and ,"Vision".Vision is an energy hook but vision without the skills of tapping team talent results in frustration and failure.

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