Monday, April 23, 2007

Level 4 assessment of Leadership coaching

It is always a great feeling to assess any workshop or intervention at level 4,i.e.level of impact at the workplace.

I had been doing leadership coaching for six director level personnel in a leading finance focussed MNC.Much to my surprise and delight, one of them has been awarded as ,"Manager of the year,2006".

Monday, April 2, 2007

Emotional competence workshop

i recently conducted a workshop on emotional competence in an outdoor setting for the senior level personnel of a power generating co.

It was an ambitious workshop since most out-bound programs focus on team building or leadership development.

The experiential learning regarding emotional competence which emerged from the live dynamics of an outdoor setting of group activities was refreshingly new.The flow of emotion during the activities and its surges and ebbs yielded refreshing insights into the emotional dynamics inherent in team tasks and their achievement.

The conversion of these insights into emotional competencies and their subsequent extension through additional data made the learning environment open and interesting.

Though most of the time emotional competencies related to relationships tend to rule the roost in such workshops,this workshop saw the rise of the emotional competencies related to the self.
Some of these competencies were Rhetoric,assertiveness and self-healing.