Thursday, July 27, 2006

Application of 5 S

I conducted multiple workshops on ,"Organizing and prioritizing" for a client of mine in the telecom sector.
As a part of the workshop,we applied 5S to the workplace. It was interesting to note that the implementation of 5S transformed the organization of the desk space.From a desk space where things were in dis array and shortage of space,things became organized and space was reclaimed from material which was out dated and just in the way of day to day work operations.

Thus 5S is a simple and yet enormously powerful system of organizing the workplace as well as the hoe.The resultant work efficiency and reduced frustration because one can find the things and information that one is looking foris worth the effort.

As we grow through school and college,we must in enormous amount of effort in building or capability ad potantial,let us not wase that potential because of poor organizing skills.